Patacon Biogas Power Plant


7.5 MW turnkey biogas power plant in Patacon, Panama

Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S


Design of reinforced concrete according to Eurocode.

Danish engineering company Semco Maritime A/S was in spring 2015 awarded a contract to build a 7.5 MW turnkey biogas power plant in Patacon, Panama. Subsequently, Aqvila won the design contract for the reinforced concrete structures.

The power plant is located on a green field site in the Patacon landfill in the outskirts of Panama City, Panama.

The power plant consists of three genset buildings including genset foundations as well as concrete structures for three stacks, containers, generators, transformers, gas filters and other minor equipment.

Aqvila’s design services included detailed design of all reinforced concrete sub-structures including preparation of bar-bending schedules. 

All structures was design for seismic actions.

Due to the coming rainy season the tight time schedule was the most critical part of the project. All concrete had to be poured before the rainy season, why the concrete design time schedule was closely coordinated between the Client and Aqvila.

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