Snetterton Renew. Energy


44.2 MW straw-powered biomass plant in Norfolk, England

Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S


Design of approx. 450 tons of steel structures supporting the boiler, the ECO tower and the galleries as well as the staircase towers, all located inside the Boiler Building.

Burmeister & Wain Energy A/S, hereinafter referred to as BWE was as consortia partner responsible for the design and supply of boiler and the appurtenant systems. The boiler’s firing system consists of 4 parallel operating straw conveying lanes, feeders and water cooled vibration grate. A woodchip conveyor system performs additional supply. An oil firing system is used during start-up of the boiler and back-up firing.

Aqvila’s design services were performed parallel to the design of mechanical equipment located inside or next to the Boiler Building and included more than 1,300 loads and more than 3,300 structural elements. The steel structure was analysed by using the 3D FEM software “Autodesk Robot”. Also the preparation of a 3D model of the complete steel structure in the 3D BIM software “Tekla” was included in Aqvila’s scope.

Aqvila’s services were performed at BWE’s headquarter in Lyngby, Denmark in order to ensure an on-going coordination of the services provided by BWE’s mechanical engineers and Aqvila’s structural engineers.

Photo is courtesy of BWSC.

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