A1 Consult, Damhusledningen


Storm and sanitary water sewer shafts in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Denmark

A1 Consult A/S


Scope of services
Engineering and detailed design of reinforced concrete sub-structures for five (5) in-situ cast immersed concrete sewage pipe pressure shafts including 3D modelling of the structures and reinforcement as well as preparation of bar-bending schedules.

Denmarks largest rainwater reservoir – an underground tunnel with a totalcapacity of 15.000 m³/s. In addition to providing physical protection against flooding, the environmental targets for Damhusåen (set forth by the Munucipality) will also be met.

Danish marine and foundation engineering company A1 Consult was in October 2018 awarded the design contract for five (5) concrete sewage pipe pressure shafts part of Damhusledningen (part of section II B+C) in Copenhagen, Denmark. The shaft depths varied from 5.9 m to 8.6 m below terrain level and the shaft diameters varied from 5.0 m to 8.5 m. Shaft sinking method was used for construction and the in-situ cast base slab was cast below ground water table.

Aqvila was by A1 Consult awarded the sub-consultancy agreement to prepare the reinforced concrete design for the shafts.

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