Novo Nordisk, LMST

Full-Service Client Consultancy

New green-field assembly and packing facility in Kordan, Iran (LMST)

Novo Nordisk


Scope of services
As Full-Service Client Consultant for the project Aqvila are responsible for all design services in connection with conceptual design, environmental impact assessment, building permit application and preparation of Tender Documents. These services include project and design management, design of civil, structural and architectural works as well as design of electrical, mechanical and fire protection works. Furthermore, Aqvila’s services include screening and pre-qualification of contractors, tender evaluation, contracting of a FIDIC “Plant and Design-Build” contract as well as construction management and technical follow-up during the entire Construction phase.

Iran has a population of around 77 million, of whom 4.6 million people are currently estimated to have diabetes. Of these only 60% (approx. 2.7 million) are diagnosed according to a Novo Nordisk report in 2015. 

Consequently, Novo Nordisk made a decision to invest in a new production facility with the purpose to provide access to important and life-saving pharmaceutical products such as insulin and haemophilia products to the patients in Iran, and to improve the healthcare of the Iranian people.

The facility comprises a gross floor area of approx. 10.525 m² consisting of a 2,000 m² administration building, a 3,750 m² Production building, a 2,165 m² Warehouse building, 2,460 m² Utility building and a guardhouse.

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