Coloplast, CMCR I

Full-Service Client Consultancy

New healthcare production facility in Cartago, Costa Rica (CMCR I)

Coloplast Volume Manufacturing Costa Rica S.A.


Scope of services
As Full-Service Client Consultant for the project, Aqvila are responsible for all design services in connection with the conceptual design, detailed design (i.e. civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection works), necessary permit applications, tender documentation (i.e. specifications, drawings, schedules, etc.) as well as general project management. 

Furthermore, Aqvila’s services include tendering, tender evaluation as well as contracting of a FIDIC Red Book construction contract for the project.

Coloplast is once again expanding, this time by a new production facility in Costa Rica, the first one of its kind in the American continent. The new production facility is expected to be fully operational in summer 2021. With the new facility in Costa Rica Coloplast’s aim is to increase the global manufacturing capacity and at the same time support the future growth of the market in the Americas.

In addition to Costa Rica, Coloplast has manufacturing plants in the United States, France, Denmark, Hungary and China. Totally, the organization has approx. 12,000 employees.

The new production facility will have a gross floor area of approx. 20,990 m² comprising a two storey administration building with reception, locker rooms, offices, meeting rooms, a production kitchen and canteen, approx. 9,000 m² production area including 3,100 m² clean rooms in class ISO 7 in occupancy state ‘as-built/at-rest’ as well as ambient and cooled warehouses, utility and dispatch areas.

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