NCC Danmark, Kronløbsøen


Apartment building Kronløbsøen in Copenhagen Nordhavn, Denmark

NCC Danmark A/S (NCC Engineering)


Scope of services
Design management and engineering of reinforced concrete sub- and superstructures for six 7-storey apartment blocks constructed on top of the 4-story parking basement below ground water level.

Danish contractor NNC Danmark was in April 2019 awarded the Design-Build & Turnkey contract for the apartment complex Kronløbsøen in Copenhagen Nordhavn, Denmark – a link across Kronløbsbassinet featuring bridge connections to both Århusgadekvartereret/fortkaj and sundmolen. When completed the building complex will have a gross floor area of approx. 70,000 m² divided on approx. 30,000 m² superstructure above ground, which will house 233 apartments, and approx. 40,000 m² of parking basement.

Aqvila agreed to station three employees at NCC – two to reinforce NCC Engineering’s design team and one to lead NCC Engineering’s design team together with NCC Engineering’s design manager.

Aqvila’s scope of services included management of the design team, agreeing on the structural model/principles with the Contractor (NCC Danmark), preparing the design basis, preparing the cost benefit analysis of various design proposals and preparing the structural design. All work is carried out in the conceptual design phase as well as in the authority approval phase.

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