Detailed design


As for all kind of galvanized and painted main and secondary steel structures Aqvila is also undertaking detailed design including preparation of workshop drawings for stainless steel structures.

Currently, Aqvila is undertaking design of stainless steel structures for Krüger A/S in connection to their Exelys EP3 project, which provides continuous thermal hydrolysis as part of a new sludge treatment plant in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The stainless steel structures consist of frames in which the sludge treatment equipment is installed at the manufacturer’s workshop and transported to site as complete plug-and-play units. All steel including guardrails, ladders and gratings is designed in stainless steel. The design is prepared in accordance with Slovenian national annex to the Eurocodes.

Some structures are small like the stainless steel frames mentioned above and some structures are big. In Aqvila we do both. We are designing all kind of economical steel structures, reinforced concrete structures and cladding envelopes for industrial plants around the world.

For more information about our projects, please visit our website in which you are also able to learn more about Aqvila and our core competences within design of economical structures for industrial plants.

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